GOKiR Krempna

GOKiR Krempna is a Public Cultural Institution – Community Center of Culture and Recreation in Krempna. This is a very small organization with a director and a few volunteers. It was established in 1991 and operates under the management of the local authorities.

The main objective of GOKiR is focused on the popularization of culture – encouraging the local community to active participation in cultural events, promotion, creation and protection of culture.

The tasks of the organization include:

  • Cultural education of the local community - with special emphasis on children and youth interested in cultural activities;
  • Creating of active participation in cultural life by whole community;
  • Recognition, stimulation and satisfying the needs and cultural interests of inhabitants;
  • Cultivating tradition and creating conditions for the development of local folklore;
  • Building and organizing teams or groups that participate in local cultural events;
  • Assistance and promotion of amateur artists and folk art;
  • Collecting, evidence, creation, protection and sharing of cultural goods;
  • Institution achieves these tasks by organizing clubs, sections, (assemblies/work teams) and other form of activities;
  • Organizing of leisure and entertainment - in particular GOKiR provides a meeting place for children, youth and adults, creates conditions for recreation and development in groups of common interests and propose various forms of activities, taking into account the needs of specific audience;
  • The newest task is organizing educational projects for youth, where they can be an active part of the initiative (especially Transnational Youth Initiative) – provide non formal education in the local community.

GOKiR organizes and supports local events like festivals, concerts, exhibitions. It prepares activities for children – English lessons, individual piano, guitar and violin lessons, as well as courses for adults – computer courses, handicraft workshops.